Code of Conduct

Our Work Ethics

The Sikh Motorcycle Club exists for the purpose stated:

The purpose of the club shall be to get likeminded people together for our ultimate goal, which is to get Sikhs exempt from wearing helmets while riding motorbikes.

To promote responsible motorcycling activities for club members by conducting club activities and encouraging participation in other motorbike events.

Club activities and operations shall be conducted in a manner consistent with a family oriented, non-political philosophy. We are not a 1% or an outlaw club.

Sikh MC has both a moral and legal obligation to provide a safe and friendly environment for members, guests and the public in general.

As part of the official membership to the Sikh Motorcycle Club, we ask that all members and associates are to strictly adhere to our Code of Conduct. The following are examples of unacceptable conduct.

Enforcement Of The Code Of Conduct

Sikh Motorcycle Club will monitor and enforce the adherence by all members and associates to the Code of Conduct with a formal warning and disciplinary process as outlined below.

Under the Sikh Motorcycle Club’s Rules of Association there are also special circumstances for the immediate expelling of members by the Core Committee, should the offence be considered severe.

Within the Club Rules of Association there are Rights of Appeal which may be followed by the member to have their case heard by the Core Committee.